Basic Information

Under the MOPS Benefits Program, members of the Canadian Merchant Service Guild benefit from legal defence coverage which can be summarized as follows:

Members of the Guild involved in a marine occurrence, including any marine occurrence which must be reported to the Transportation Safety Board, while acting in an official capacity as ship’s Master, Officer or Pilot licensed to furnish Pilotage services in the district where the marine occurrence took place, can benefit from the MOPS plan coverage for legal fees incurred should they be compelled to participate either as a defendant party or as a witness in an inquiry, investigation or civil action convened by a Canadian Authority, Board, Commission or Court.

The Plan provides for legal fees only and does not cover fines, penalties, travel expenses, or any sums payable by way of damages, settlement or cost incurred by the member, or any expenses incurred with respect to any appeal or revision. The benefits of the program do not cover marine occurrences resulting from the consequences of a physical or mental unfitness or disability of a member of which he or she is aware, or marine occurrences which are the consequence of a willful or wrongful act, substance abuse or the violation of a criminal or penal statute. The program is administered for the Guild by Coughlin & Associates Ltd. who are vested with the sole discretion of the choice of legal counsel.